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My DNA is deleted in database

I have deleted my DNA in the DNA database from the company Family Tree DNA, in USA. In November 2014, I had tested my DNA according to Family Finder, Y-DNA111, mtFull Sequence. I have done this step because of politically more and more restless times. My account and all DNA test results are deleted without return and the DNA test kit is destroyed. I do not want to store the detailed DNA structure of me for the next 25 years, in the database. I do not receive any more DNA matches. In the past, I had received no exact DNA matches in any case, which show a concrete relationship to me. I received only inaccurate DNA matches, mostly of US American people. Each week I got addional DNA matches. Finally more than thousand DNA matches. But these DNA matches were only very distant relatives, more likely casual mutations. This matter has disturbed me after all. The important and interesting DNA test result positions for me I show on my Homepage These DNA details are harmless and I can continue to research on this basis.

What knowledge the DNA test bring? I would do this DNA test again, I have not regretted my decision. Most important for me was the Family Finder test with its ethnic percentage (geographical origin), and the determination of the paternal and maternal haplogroups. If someone is interested in DNA genealogy, I can recommend the Family Finder test. This DNA test gives the most informations respectively details. If anyone is looking for further information, they can visit my Homepage and my Blog there.

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