US–American Woman Had Contacted Me For Information on Kruse Genealogy

In April 2015, an American woman, D. Kruse had contacted me via contact form of my homepage . D. Kruse is a born Kruse and it was told by her great-grandparents, that she is related with the countess Adelheid von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst 1535-1610. For years, she was researched her genealogy without having a result. She asked me for help.


After checking my family site, “Kruse Web Site”, on MyHeritage, I saw, that her father is an ancestor in my family tree. In one of my family trees, all descendants of Hermann Kruse (Hermannus Crusius) 1483-1573, are listed. My result showed, that D. Kruse and I have common ancestors back to the 14th century. D. Kruse is directly related with the countess Adelheid von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst, but with Hermannus Crusius too. In the 17th century the surname Kruse line is separated in two lines by two sons of Johann Kruse (called Jüchter) 1605-1680, a nobleman on Jüchters property.


In the 19th century, many persons of my family tree (descendants of Hermannus Crusius) immigrated into the USA. Up to two hundred German descent from the United States are listed, which all descended from Hermannus Crusius 1483-1573, the first Lutheran pastor in Edewecht after 1517.


An U.S. citizen once again contacted me looking for their German roots.


The community Edewecht is placed in the county Ammerland, province of Lower Saxony. Because of my computer genealogy research on my ancestors and my resources, I can easily help.


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