Genealogy (1)

The ancestors of my father (paternal side) surname Kruse, in Edewecht


The first ancestor with the surname Kruse was the first lutheran pastor Hermannus Crusius (Hermann Kruse), who lived 1482-1573, according to the church books of Edewecht. His son Johannes Kruse (1536-1623) followed him and was pastor in Edewecht, too. The son of Johannes Kruse was Eilert Kruse (1570-1650). He married into the noble family Jüchter at Jüchters property in Edewecht. Eilerts wife Hille Jüchter (1575-1630) was a daughter of the governor Hermann Jüchter (1527-1590) and his wife countess Adelheid von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst (1535-1610). The parents of Hermann Jüchter were Hinrich Jüchter (1480-1554) and his wife countess Margarethe von Oldenburg-Delmenhorst (1499-1546). All these persons are the great-great.......grandparents of me. That means direct ancestors. Therefore I am related by blood to the noble family Jüchter and the counts of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst over my direct ancestor Eilert Kruse (1570-1650). The son of Eilert Kruse was Johann Kruse (also known as Jüchter) 1605-1680 at Jüchters property in Edewecht. His wife was the noble Beele von Aschwege (1611-1688). Their common son Johann Kruse (1644-1716) was only farmhand in Edewecht. After him follows (father to son) Johann Kruse 1674-1737 (farmhand), Eilert Kruse 1717-1755 (farmhand), Johann Kruse 1752-1822 (farmhand), Eilert Kruse 1782-1818 (farmer), Johann Friedrich Kruse 1817-???? (farmer), Johann Gerhard Kruse 1848-1918 (labourer), senior Georg Kruse 1883-1956 (labourer), Georg Kruse 1915-1998 (policeman), Manfred Kruse (myself).

Please notice the systematic manner of the first names. All datas were examined by my genealogy colleague Johann Lüschen (genealogy researcher of church books in Edewecht).


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